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At Yaldi we are dedicated to preserving the essence of Scotland’s traditions and stories for future generations to enjoy.

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Immerse yourself in Jamie Frasers’ Edinburgh, learn the real history behind the series' romance and adventure.

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Explore Edinburgh's cultural and historical highlights with a personalized walking tour led by a private guide.


Imagine your next corporate event, transformed into an unforgettable Scottish experience with Yaldi.

Our Reviews

Justin was our tour guide, he is very funny and looks great too. The tour just rattled along, he had a lot of stories, some funny and filthy but all interesting. He also had some recommendations for other things to do and places to see. Would highly recommend this tour and if we go back to Edinburgh one day, we'd go again.
Jayne Q from Vancover Canada
We did the walking tour on an afternoon and loved every second. Justin was our tour guide and he was fantastic. We went around a number of key sites in Edinburgh, discussing them, the history of the city and some of the most notable names from Scottish past. The tour was very interesting and we got a lot out of it, discussing the tour and what we learnt for hours afterwards. A must do! Would encourage visitors to make this their first activity and you find out about where is the worth the money and good to see, and where maybe isn't so needed.
Dilly Dally ATW
I stumbled across the sign, next tour was in 10 minutes, glad I stuck around for it! Justin was very informative and knowledgeable...and hilarious. It's a great introduction to Edinburgh, wish I had known about it when I first arrived and not on my last day, came across some places I would have loved to have visited or looked into further, next time
Veronica O
WOW, what a blast. This tour was fun informative and just did not want it to end. Adult themed, but so worth it. Justin is knowledgeable, and easy going. Definitely go on this walking tour if ever in Edinburgh.
Jacque James

A Little About Us

At Yaldi we are dedicated to preserving the essence of Scotland’s traditions and stories for future generations to enjoy.

Our mission extends beyond offering tours; it’s about creating an immersive experience that connects our guests with the heart and soul of Scotland. The word ‘Yaldi,’ a Scottish expression for ‘wild and free,’ encapsulates our approach to exploring the beauty, history, and spirit of our land. We strive to maintain the authenticity and unbridled joy that our tours bring, ensuring every adventure with us is not only a service but a heartfelt invitation to witness the true character of Scotland.

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