About Us

Founded on the principle that we are merely temporary custodians of our rich culture and shared history, Yaldi Tours is committed to acting as responsible guardians of this heritage. Our founders, Justin Davis and Alan Page-Duffy, along with our ever-expanding family of employees and partners, are dedicated to preserving the essence of Scotland’s traditions and stories for future generations to enjoy.

At Yaldi, our mission extends beyond offering tours; it’s about creating an immersive experience that connects our guests with the heart and soul of Scotland. The word ‘Yaldi,’ a Scottish expression for ‘wild and free,’ encapsulates our approach to exploring the beauty, history, and spirit of our land. We strive to maintain the authenticity and unbridled joy that our tours bring, ensuring every adventure with us is not only a service but a heartfelt invitation to witness the true character of Scotland.

Join us at Yaldi Tours for an experience that transcends the ordinary. Let us share with you the warmth, culture, and history of Scotland, as we journey together as stewards of its unforgettable legacy.


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