About Us

Yaldi Tours is the culmination of a journey over 10 years in the making. From students to professionals, Yaldi is built on a community that started with a few friends running free walking tours on the Royal Mile, to being one of the largest nightlife tour operators in the UK. We are a mix of friends, brothers & sisters and ultimately found family which at different times of our lives have found the magic of Edinburgh and what it means to be part of the community of the Royal Mile. Though having gone through several iterations, today Yaldi Tours is managed by Justin Davis and Alan Page-Duffy, the former being a previous employee of Justin’s who through the family that Yaldi represents, has grown to take on a larger role, as part of our every growing family.


Yaldi’s core focus is to keep things well… ‘Yaldi’ a scot’s word which means ‘wild and free’. Though we provide high-level professional service, we don’t want to lose that flair that makes us… well us. In all our tours and experiences we aim to show what it really means to be in Scotland, a feeling of that culture and character. So come join us and enjoy a warm welcome from Yaldi Tours and the rest of our family.


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